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Install on Windows


To install LeviLamina, you need one of the following Windows versions:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

To run Bedrock Dedicated Server for Minecraft, you need to install the following software:

Since LeviLamina is not compatible with the previous LiteLoaderBDS 2, you need to uninstall LiteLoaderBDS 2 before installing LeviLamina.

Installation Methods

You can install LeviLamina in different ways, depending on your needs:

  • You can install via LipUI, which is a graphical user interface for lip. This is useful if you are not familiar with the command line.

  • You can install via lip, for ease of installation and upgrade tasks. This is the recommended approach.

  • You can download the modules and install them manually and manage upgrades completely manually. This is useful in situations such as installing LeviLamina on air-gapped systems with no access to the internet.

Install via LipUI

Simply download and run LipUI, and then install LeviLamina from the package index.

Install via lip

If you have not installed lip, you can install it following the instructions in lip installation guide.

After installing lip, you can install LeviLamina by running the following command:

lip install

To install a specific version of LeviLamina, for example, 0.4.2, you can run the following command:

lip install

During the installation, you might be asked to confirm some prompts. You can press y to confirm the prompts. To skip the prompts, you can add the -y option to the command.

lip install -y

You have now successfully installed LeviLamina.

To upgrade LeviLamina, you can run the following command:

lip install --upgrade


Upgrading LeviLamina may result in data loss. Please make sure you have a backup of your data before upgrading.

Only developers who want to debug new version will install manually, manual installation will only install basic parts that allow LeviLamina run, it lacks of CrashLogger, I18N and so on.

Downloading Necessary Files

1. Download LeviLamina:
2. Download BDS (Minecraft Server):
  • Visit Minecraft's server download page.
  • Get the Bedrock Dedicated Server (BDS) version that corresponds with your LeviLamina version, named bedrock-server-<version>.zip.
3. Get PeEditor and PreLoader:

Note: Typically, the latest version of LeviLamina aligns with the newest versions of PeEditor and PreLoader. Ensure they are compatible with your BDS version.

Installation Steps

1. Unzip the BDS File:
  • Extract the bedrock-server-<version>.zip file, which you obtained from step 2, into a new, empty folder.
2. Place PeEditor and PreLoader:
  • Move PeEditor.exe and PreLoader.dll into the same directory where you extracted the BDS files, ensuring they are alongside bedrock_server.exe.
3. Include LeviLamina Files:
  • Unzip the file from step 1.
  • Take the bin/LeviLamina.dll and bin/LeviLamina.pdb files and place them in the same directory as the BDS files.
4. Run PeEditor:
  • Double-click PeEditor.exe and wait for the process to complete.
  • You should then find a new file named bedrock_server_mod.exe in the directory, and the original bedrock_server.exe will be renamed to bedrock_server.exe.bak.

Now, you have successfully installed LeviLamina. To start it, run bedrock_server_mod.exe.